Monday, 18 May 2015

Homework 18/5

Even though it is after common test we still need to keep up with homework

Heres the homework for Today:

- read through notes and fill it up as much as possible
- finish assignment 7.1 A and 7.1 B

- Final recommendation proposal due tomorrow ( must be hardcopy )

- For those who has yet to submit the homework on waves please do so by tomorrow submit to An Yi
- Environment Science (Bio) performance Task slides will be handed out to every student tomorrow please ensure that you get a copy.

- Read up in the textbook on the points mentioned by Mr Yeo in class today in preparation for tomorrows lecture

- Please bring your Chinese file tomorrow for submission

- There is S and W tomorrow please come in S and W attire and remember to bring set of school uniform to change into during break.

Please feel free to comment anything I have missed out thanks

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