Monday, 18 May 2015

Homework 18/5

Even though it is after common test we still need to keep up with homework

Heres the homework for Today:

- read through notes and fill it up as much as possible
- finish assignment 7.1 A and 7.1 B

- Final recommendation proposal due tomorrow ( must be hardcopy )

- For those who has yet to submit the homework on waves please do so by tomorrow submit to An Yi
- Environment Science (Bio) performance Task slides will be handed out to every student tomorrow please ensure that you get a copy.

- Read up in the textbook on the points mentioned by Mr Yeo in class today in preparation for tomorrows lecture

- Please bring your Chinese file tomorrow for submission

- There is S and W tomorrow please come in S and W attire and remember to bring set of school uniform to change into during break.

Please feel free to comment anything I have missed out thanks

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Communications Science: Practical Test Schedule

Dear Communications Science students

The Science Practical Test will be conducted next week (14 and 15 May, Thursday and Friday) during Science lesson.

Below is the information and schedule.

Venue: Physics Lab 1
Duration of Paper: 40 minutes
Total Marks: 10
Approved electronic calculator is allowed for use.

Date / Day
14 May / Thu
14 May / Thu
14 May / Thu
14 May / Thu
14 May / Thu
15 May / Fri
15 May / Fri
15 May / Fri

If you are absent on the day of the test, you are expected to inform your respective Science teacher. You are required to present a formal medical certificate or provide other acceptable reasons to your Science teacher. If you are not able to present a formal medical certificate or provide other acceptable reasons, you will receive zero mark for the test. 

Best regards
Mr Lim Ming Yang

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Newly Appointed Junior Students Councils & Junior Peer Support Leader

Dear Class

After round of vigorous selections, a few of our classmates got into student leadership boards, The Student Council & The Peer Support Board respectively. We would like to congratulate the newly-appointed JSC & JPSL.

They are:
Junior Student Council:
Junior Peer Support Leader:
Joshua Kwan
Adli Haziq
Marcus Tay
Joey Lim

Wong An Yi

Chiam Jing Ru

Best Regards