Sunday, 26 April 2015

Homework 24 April

1) Visual text practice by tomorrow
2) [optional] Set of notes/practices that Ms Soh gave us
3) Revise for Common Test
    - Practice 
    - Memorise the format for recommendation proposal
    - Remember the tips and ways to answer questions

1) Assignment 6.3 by tomorrow
2) Revise for Common Test
    - Practice 
    - Memorise all the formulas
    - Read the notes and understand em'

1) Revise for Common Test
    - Practice
    - Re-cap what we've learnt 
    - Memorise all the formulas (Physics)
    - Go through your ISS blog to recall what you've done for your ISS experiments (ISS)

1) Revise for Common Test 

1) Fill up the "promotion" section of your business plan by Friday
    Refer to the I&E Google Plus Community for more details

If I missed out anything ... please comment it down below thnx :D

All the best for Common Test! 

"Don't stress
 Do your best
 Forget the rest"

~ oleh Adli

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