Friday, 10 April 2015

Homework (10 April 2015)

Dear Classmates

Refer below for the homework this week!


  • Assignment 4.4 (By Monday)
  • Assignment 5.1 [Q2 & Q3 Only] (By Monday)
Science (Physics)
  • Physics Activity Worksheet [Page 6 & 7] (By Wednesday)
  • Physics Refraction Worksheet 2 (As and when An Yi collects)
English Language
  • UYOW Worksheet (For those who have not complete)
Higher Chinese Language
  • 写电邮(根据我们做的活动)请下载电邮投诉的格式(word document)
Chinese Language

Malay Language/ Higher Malay Language

  • Finish up your "Product" section of your I&E Google Documents (By Next Friday)

That's All! :)

Have a great weekend!

Best Regards

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