Thursday, 12 March 2015

Rationale Of The New Seating Plan

Dear Classmates
    There had been a outrage of comments on Social Media, Facebook, about the new seating plan. If you are not comfortable with where you sit, you just have to adapt. Ms Teo on the other hand had already informed our EXCO community that she would not tolerate any other request to change seats. As all of you know that in life not all decisions go with you in the way you want it. Hence, I urge all of you to adapt to your sitting arrangement. I also want to make this clear to all of you that this sitting plan was arranged by Ms Teo, not any of the EXCOs. Do not put the blame on the EXCOs for this issue as Ms Teo arranged it. We are merely posting the updated seating arrangement. There is also no biaseness in the way Ms Teo puts you with because it is for your own good. This new seating plan is to benefit all in studying not talking.

Please do not blame any of the EXCOs for the new Seating Plan, we are merely carrying out Ms Teo's Plan.

Posted on behalf of the whole S2-03 EXCO.

Best Regards
S2-03 EXCO.

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