Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Homework for 25 Feb

1) File check on Friday
2) Storyboard, The Lord of the Flies due Friday

1) Complete the following (experiments (for some groups), conclusions, written report, poster, video and logbook) by 27 Feb
PS: only use either pages or adobe for the poster

1) Complete the following (screenplay, storyboard, journal (roles&responsibilities, casting&costume, specific locations, filming schedule, specific audio&video effects, specific movie formats, movie poster and trailer)) and submit everything to Ms Teo on Friday

1) Workbook activities 3.3 and 3.4 if you have yet to do so
Class Matters:
1) If you have yet to purchase last year's class photographs, please do so ASAP.
PS: if any of you did not order any photographs and want to, approach Jing Ru
2) If you have anything not allowed in the AUP for the LD, please delete them or transfer them somewhere else, they are starting to perform LD checks.
If I missed anything, please comment it below.

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