Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Homework 17 Feb

1) Brush up your PT pages
2) For those who have yet to submit your letter, please do so by tomorrow

1) Read/do pages 6 and 7  of the quadratic equation notes by tomorrow

1) Complete the following (experiments (for some groups), conclusions, written report, poster, video and logbook) by 27 Feb
PS: only use either pages or adobe for the poster

1) Complete the following (script/screenplay, storyboarding, and specific locations)

1) Workbook activities 3.3 and 3.4 by next lesson

1) Based on the responses your groups have collated, summarise  and analysis it in a form of presentation...each group will present their findings on next lesson

Class Matters:
1) Do bring materials/tools for class CNY decorations on Wednesday

If i missed out anything...please comment it down below thnx :D

~oleh Adli 

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