Friday, 9 January 2015

Homework 9 Jan

I hope all of you have enjoyed the first week! Thanks to Adli for filling me in on Wednesday and Thursday! :)

1) EL Intro to BSP (Monday). If you forgot Ms Soh instructions, here they are:

Okay, so today yall opened the google document to work on a specific theme right. Your group is doing Prejudice and Discrimination. Basically what I'll need is for the mention of an event/instance where you see the theme appearing; 
with the listing of characters involved in that scene;
And the quoting to support your point about the event being related to the theme

For example, your event may be 'prejudice is apparent when Kotler hits Pavel after the latter spills wine' 
Characters involved:
Pavel, Kotler

The evidence will be the quote that you lift from the book

Then analyse the quote, saying what is in that quote that gives you the idea of prejudice

Is it the tone? Choice of word? Etc

All  above will constitute one point. Each group churn out 3 points with those sub-components

2) Remember to bring your Math ORANGE Ring file and put the 2 sheets of paper that Mr Zeng (Hope i spelled it right) gave you, "My Math Target for 2015" and Content page for your math file.

3) Read Maths notes

4) Fill in your HP Number here:

5) Accept the invitation to the Maths G+ Community by Today.

Video 2 by today 2359, Revision Package by Monday

There are 3 SDM forms that have not been collected (Muhammad, Jing Ru and Chong Wei) If you have handed in, ignore this post. If i mentioned your name wrongly, forgive me. And if your name was not called and have not handed in, do hand it in as soon as possible

Do comment below if i have missed any homework. You can comment your MT homework too so i can edit this post and remind your friends. Other than that, i hope you enjoy your weekends! :) 
See you all on Monday! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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