Thursday, 8 January 2015

Homework 8 Jan

1) Finish reading 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' (by next week)
2) Read the document regarding the english pt


1) Complete Examples 3-5 (Section 1.2) and Examples 6-7 (Section 1.3) of the Matrix Notes (by tomorrow)
2) Do Assignment 1.1 of the Matrix Notes on foolscap paper (by tomorrow)


1) Complete the 1st draft proposal (submission is on next week i think)
2) Touch up on your group blog


1) Read the '2015 Videography PT brief'... Link :

2) Read the 'Group Journal Checklist' ... Link:

3) Do this:
Pre Production (To be completed by Start of Term 1 Week 9)

  1. Production schedule that shows both the planned schedule and the actual schedule
  2. Roles and responsibilities of all members
  3. Mind Map that uncovers Communication
  4. Morphological Analysis or suitable  ideation techniques to generate story ideas
  5. At least 4 stories generated by members of the group that contains the following:
    1. Plot of the story (About 50 Words)
    2. Hook (What is the interesting thing in the story that will attract the reader?)
    3. Conflict (What is the moral dilemma faced by the main character?)
    4. Main Characters (Types (Round, Dynamic, stock, etc), Personality(Interest, Appearance, Hobbies, Martial Status, etc))
    5. Genre
    6. Key Message of the story
    7. Setting & Context (Location, Time Zone, Atmosphere)
  6. Chosen story for the group with the same details in (6).
  7. Storyboard
  8. Logistic (Props, attire, camera, location, etc)
  9. Script


1) SDM forms SIGNED and to be submitted by tomorrow for those who have not done so
2) After Mother Tongue lesson tomorrow...quickly CHIONG downstairs and arrive at the ISH no later by 11:20am
3) Before S&W lesson tomorrow, make sure that your fingernails are short and neat, you're wearing appropriate attire (S&W attire and proper running/track shoes) and make sure your watches are not with you.

If i missed out anything ... please comment it down below thnx :D

~ oleh Adli

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