Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Homework 7 Jan

English : 1) In your groups, discuss who to do which page of the 4-page brochure
               2) If you have not yet finish reading 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas', please do so by Week                     2 (next week)  

Maths : 1) Complete Examples 3-5 (Section 1.2) and Examples 6-7 (Section 1.3) of the Matrix Notes
                ( by next lesson)
             2) Do Assignment 1.1 of the Matrix Notes by next lesson...Do on foolscap paper.
                 Note: Question 7 of Assignment 1.1 is categorised under Tier C

ISS : 1) Complete the 1st draft proposal by this week
         2) If you have done the items below, please do so:
             a. group leaders add all of your group mates into the ISS blog
             b. admins of the blog, set up the different tabs into the blog
             c. take a group picture and post it under the tab 'Annex E-Lessons'
             d. post the gantt chart sent by Ms Teo under the tab 'Annex D'

IH : 1) Create a slideshow to showcase the following based on your different 'societies':
           (by tomorrow)
            a. Lifestyle
              a1. transport
              a2. fashion
            b. Housing
            c. Food

ADMT : 1) Answer the questions on Edmodo (by tomorrow)
               2) In your groups, do a one page summary of what are the roles and responsibilities in a
                   video production. Make reference to where the information are gathered from especially
                   the link. Post the one page summary on Edmodo as a note (by tomorrow)

Reminders (i know this does not go in the homework tab but...what can i say? force of habit) :

1) SDM forms are to be SIGNED and handed up by this Friday

If i missed out anything...please comment it down below thnx :D

I do not know why its highlighted white ^

~ oleh Adli

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