Thursday, 29 January 2015

Homework 29 Jan

English:1) PT page 3 and 4 to be completed by 6 Feb (Friday)
 Maths:1) Form a group (min 2 max 3) for the AA2) Do assignment 2.1 question 6 and 7 3) Do page 7 of the algebraic fraction notes

ADMT:1) Each group must have a final plot/story to film2) Once your group have decided the plot and storyline, your group may start to do the script/screenplay3) Once your group is done with the script/screenplay, your group may start to do the storyboardADMT by Monday 23594) Individual screenplay writing by 31 Jan 

I&E:1) Each group must have a final business idea2) For those who have not accomplished the following : write an introduction on your business in report format consisting of: business description, business legal structure, business type, location, and market (by next lesson)3) In your business proposal, state and explain how 3 internal and 3 external factors influence your business (by next lesson)

IH:1) Do activity 3.2 of the workbook by next lesson2) Do pop quiz ... 20 mins only ... closed book (be honest) by next lesson

If i missed out anything...please comment it down below thnx :D

~oleh Adli

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