Thursday, 22 January 2015

Homemade 22 Jan

1) PT page 1 and 2 of the brochure has to be completed (by next Monday)

1) Diagnostic test corrections for those who has yet to submit it to Mr Zeng (by tomorrow)
2) Do page 3 of the algebraic fractions & formula notes (by tomorrow)
3) Remember to form a group (min 2 max 3) for the AA

1) For the groups who has yet to submit your final group proposal to Ms Teo, please do so as soon as possible, the earlier your group submit the proposal the earlier your group can start on the experiments
2) For the groups who has submitted their proposals, remember to update your ISS blog and document everything related to your experiment into your logbook

1) For those who have yet to submit your homework (units 1.1,1.2 and 3.1) please do so by tomorrow
2) Do an infographic to educate others about the needs of people experiencing housing problems in any country/city...Post it on any forms of social media, copy and paste the link into IH google plus community (by today 2359)

1) Each group must have a final plot/story to film
2) Those who has yet to share/do your video critique 2, please do so by today 2359
3) Turn in your Mock Test into Edmodo (I'm not sure when's the deadline...some say tomorrow...some say to play safe turn in as soon as possible)

Class Deco:
1) Remember to do your specific task and bring your ready made items by next Monday

If I ... missed out anything please comment it down below thnx :D

~ oleh Adli

PS: get well soon Keith and Hafiy! :)