Thursday, 22 January 2015

Class deco

Recap on what we did in class just now:

Respective roles:

Flag - Jing Ru, Chong Wei, Gabriel
Bow - Hafiy, Dalton
Crossbow - Muhammad
Catapult - Bing Xuan
Shield - Danish, Yu Liang
Logo -Nicson
Armour - Bing Xuan, Tze Ong, Edmund, Abraar
Goat - Joshua, Adli
Wanted poster - Zheng Xu, Joey
Banners - Jona, An Yi

If i missed out your names and items...please leave a comment down below thnx :D

Remember to use as much recyclable materials as possible and bring your items to class by next Monday

~ oleh Adli

PS: for those who were not present during the discussion...Ms Teo will give you your respective roles


  1. @samson...Ms Teo will give you your role cause you were not present during the discussion.. :)