Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Welcome back!

Dear S2-03,

Welcome back to 2015! Hope you had a well-deserved break and are all ready to start the new academic year. 

First of all, I will be your Form Teacher this year. We will get to know each other along the way and let us work closely to make this a great class. 

Secondly, please check the blogs and your email regularly for updates.

Lastly, a few gentle reminders for the beginning of 2015:

  1. Please report to the MPH on time on,  2 January 2015, Friday
  2. Bring along your Report Book on the first day for submission.
  3. Be in proper school attire and ensure that your haircut is of appropriate length.
  4. Check your class timetable on student blog (released on 30 Dec 2014)
  5. Ensure that all holiday assignments are completed.

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